How The Journey Begins

Pioneer's Of Micronutrients Fertilizer Manufacturer In India...

In 1968, Mr. Vijaybabu Agrawal started giving shape to an imagination about micronutrients in crop farming. There was lack of usage & research about it, . After a huge, tireless and diligent research done on the entity , he came to the conclusion of exact measurement of usage of micronutrients for augmentation of farming.

From past 4 decades we have delivered various quality products in the market. Our products have been tested, used and then appreciated by our farmer friends. It tends to get us better results & increase our reliance with them. Today, in various states of India many farmers have joined hands & become our family .They also have become our surrogates of this reliance. All products are manufactured in highly developed manufacturing units with state of art machineries. Our scientists and lab operators keep eagle’s eye on testing. Our quality control labs test samples & assure appropriation of final products for packaging.

We work on a very simple thinking- creating better product better. On the basis of our work,we assert to our commitments. We determinate our self without compromising our social liability.

So come let's join our hands to this program of Indian Agriculture which is our basic tradition!